Escape Academy Hall of Escapists Walkthrough safe code & statue puzzle

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Escape Academy released on 14 July 2022 by Coon crew games is a game based on the “escape room” theme where the players are sent to a titular school to solve puzzles. The professors design unique challenges for the players to solve and progress through the game. You can either play solo or co-op games according to your convenience.

Escape Academy Hall of Escapists Walkthrough

Being one of the easiest maps in the game Hall of Escapists’s end goal is to get the title escape artist. You get 30 minutes time limit to solve this puzzle of rating 2/5 difficulty. As the game begins you need to head left from where you stand towards the only accessible building and look to the far right on the corners for the clues. You’ll notice a whiteboard with some words written on it.

Escape Academy How To Open The Locker Code

Now what you need to do is collect all the items that are written on it i.e. Bananas, Cheese, Wine. You can find the bananas in the middle cupboard on your right. Turn around and you’ll see drawing easels and you can find cheese next to them. And a bag containing a bottle of wine is on the other end of these easels. Now you need to go towards the display the easels are facing and place the items on it and after a bit of positioning you’ll find that it reveals the number “139”.

Invisible Ink Puzzle Solution

Now you can access the right-hand side locker with this code and get the Anti – invisible ink. Now with the Anti – invisible ink, you need to head towards the far wall with the scribbles on it and reveal a bunch of weird lines. These lines actually reveal the color code for the lock to Slip’s office. You need to start from the left and see what color they show at the end. If it’s a “+” then you just need to add two colors. You need to do this for all the lines and you’ll get the code. The correct code is

  1. Red
  2. Purple (Red + Yellow)
  3. Yellow
  4. Green(Yellow + Blue)

You can get the spray paint once you get inside the office to create your tag.

Arrange The Painting

Along the pickable, there should be an “open sesame” painting you might have got from the locker. Now you need to place the painting in the blank frame laying on a table. Arrange the painting so that there will be two girls, one holding a floating balloon while the other girl’s balloon is already burst.

After arranging it you’ll notice a few red arrows and remember the direction they’re pointing (Right, left, right, up, down, down). Now go to the opposite door, press the keys in the direction of the arrows, and enter the art lab.

Open The Safe Code

Now the goal in this room is to open the safe on your left as you enter the room. To do that you need to scan the four canvases with the scanner you get on the right side and you’ll get some locations on them(Well, Cube Sculpture, Keyhole Sculpture) on the first three canvases, and scanning the last canvas gives you 9 shapes on a 3×3 grid.

You’ll have to remember the positions of those shapes. Now you need to go outside to the locations you previously obtained. You’ll find yellow sprayed near these locations and have to note their shapes(Well – Empty square, Cube Sculpture – Empty Circle, Keyhole Sculpture – 3 dots). Now you’ll find that these shapes are present on the 3×3 grid inside the room. Take notes of the position they correspond to:

  1. Well – Empty Square – Middle Row Left
  2. Cube Sculpture – Empty Circle – Middle Row Right
  3. Keyhole Sculpture – 3 dots – Bottom Row Left

You’ll have to return to the safe and press the buttons according to the positions that will be “467” and the safe will open giving you access to the Sculpture nose and a picture of a specific shape of a vase.

Correct Face Position

Now you have to return outside to the sculpture garden and go towards the opposite with a door having a face on it. You’ll have to place its nose using the strange sculptures. Now you can tweak the face and the goal is to correct combinations to open the door. The process is a tad bit long so better follow the following:

  1. Mouth – Half open
  2. Eyes – Both looking right
  3. Eyebrows – Both angled from bottom left to top right

Now all you need to do is use the door knocker and the door will open.

Escape Academy Hall Of Escapists Statue Puzzle Solution

Entering the hall of Escapists you’ll notice a statue on which either side has a key named key 2 and key 5. You want to use these keys on one of the three locked gates. Look on top of each gate and you’ll notice some spray-painted numbers.

You’ll have to use two keys on the gate with the number 7 on top of it as 5+2 gives 7. You need to solve the first gallery puzzle after opening the gate. To solve this you need to move the sculptures and get the right combination by moving them from right to right or keeping them facing forward. You just need to rotate them according to the below-given directions:

  1. Max – Left
  2. Megan – Right
  3. Belen – Left
  4. Fergus – Right

This will open the alcove behind the sculptures and you’ll get the keys 3,4,7.

Now you have to get to the second gallery which is at the gate with the number 10 above it. Use the keys 7 and 3 to open it and head in. This time you’ll see 6 sculptures and the goal is to smash some of them while leaving the others. You just need to smash the sculptures of Timmy, Michelle, and Windsor which will open up the alcove and give you key 1.

As usual, you need to use this key with key 4 to open the last gate and get to the final gallery. This time you’ll face 5 sculptures and have to arrange them in the correct height order. Arrange them in this order:

Women, Man with Glasses, Woman with Glasses, Bald Man, Man in the hat

Now solving this will give you access to the exit with some steps you need to follow. And doing so you’ll reach the monument. You just have to paint to tag it and the escape room is completed.

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