MADiSON Well Lock Code & How To Find The Symbol Guide

MADiSON is a first-person psychological horror game where you will find various different types of puzzles to solve and continue uncovering the mystery. At the starting part of the game, after finding the nail from the clock hang the picture onto the wall. On the opposite side, you can find a locked door that can only be opened by using the study key. The study key can be found in the room with a chair in the middle. Check the drawers in that room on the left side to find the key. Open the locked door to find the investigation room where you will also find a symbol on the wall. That symbol is the key to opening the well’s padlocks.

MADiSON Well Padlock Code Solution

If you have opened the red door after reaching the basement, you will find a well covered and there will be three padlocks with some logos on them. To open the well you need to figure out the correct symbol which will be different for all players. So if you have watched any video or followed some articles and tried to input their logos on the padlock, it will not work.

You can figure out the code at the starting area where you enter a room with a TV and a symbol drawn on the wall. In the middle, you can find the three-question mark and on three sides of the triangle, you can find the empty circles.

In the empty circles, you will find the clue to open the padlocks. To find the clue you need to equip your camera and take a picture of the symbol. After taking the picture, view the symbol in the photograph to find the three empty circles now have 3 different symbols on them.

Now head over to the basement, open the red door, and put the symbols on the padlock. After putting the symbols on the padlock in the correct order the well lid will collapse.

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