MADiSON Green & Red Safe Codes & How To Solve Them


The first-person psychological horror game Madison is indigenous gameplay developed by Bloodious Games. In this game, the protagonist Luca is caught in a demonic ritual gone wrong, thus he needs to escape from the human-consuming demon. Many puzzles need to be solved before moving on to the next level. That’s how the game proceeds in Madison. This guide will help you find all the passwords and safe codes for the boxes or safes to be unlocked. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Well Padlocks Code

First, go to the place where the first storage box is. Take a picture of a triangle painted on a wall. There will be three symbols on each vertices of the triangle which will be revealed only when you take the picture.

Now move to the basement and open the red door that will take you the well through a road patrolled by lit candles. The well shall be locked using three locks 120 degrees apart from each just like a triangle. Now look at the photograph and remember each symbol in its respective position. Sadly, the symbols are different for different players. Rotate the locks as per the respective symbols till the correct symbol comes up. Well, the WELL will burst out.

MADiSON Green Safe

This safe needs a lock cutter. Its use of it will specify later. The code for the safe is the combination of two notepads. One is on the rack in the bathroom. Another one is present in the room occupied with several clocks; inside a drawer of a brown table. Here you need to cut the lock using the lock cutter. Once you get both the notepads, combine the code such as 15 Left, 5 Right, and 6 Left. Now open the green safe by rotating the knob in the manner of the code.

MADiSON Red Safe

Solve the clock puzzle in the room with clocks; it will give you the combination drawn in Luca’s notebook. The combination basically says how to turn the knob of the red safe. Take into account the bigger circle first and go towards the smaller circle. The arrow marked will tell you how to turn the knob; clockwise or anticlockwise. The number of cut marks will give how many turns you need to make. Again, this combination changes with different gameplay.

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