Madison- Clock Puzzle Solution And Where To Find The Clue

Madison, developed by Bloodious Games and released on 8th July 2022 is a first-person psychological horror game that is set in a bizarrely haunted home with horrendous surroundings. You play in the shoes of ‘Luca’ the protagonist who explores his haunted home with a polaroid camera. The game excels in its detailed environment and freaky jump scares which even make adults buckle their seat belts. History of the Lucas family covers the walls and as you slowly progress through the game you discover the hidden messages which will help you in escaping this nightmarish situation. The game keeps you on edge the whole time with the constant eerie background noises with a sense of jumpscare on every corner.

Clock Puzzle Solution And Where To Find The Clue In Madison

To solve the clock puzzle you will have to match the 4 clocks you can interact with in the clock room with their surrounding clocks. First, you need to find the matching clock faces in the house and place them in the matching clock. You’ll have to do this for all the 4 clocks. They can be found in:-

Note: The times on clock are different for each player
  • Can be found in the hall close to the room with the two safes next to grandpa’s office.
  • Can be found in the attic.
  • Can be found in the kitchen.
  • Can be found in the first hall you come across next to the picture of grandpa.

You’ll need to get the first clock face from the green safe in grandpa’s office to start. Place the clock face in one of the 4 clocks in the clock room whose surround matches and grab the released clock face and go find another clock face around the house that matches with one of the 4 clocks in the clock room. Place the clock you were already holding and remove the clock face in the clock and place it in the clock room. Repeat this for all the 4 clocks and you’ll finally solve the puzzle and open the door inside the room.

For more guides on Madison, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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