Madison- 4 Digit Lock Code Solution

In Madison, the protagonist “Luca” is stuck in the obscene and eerie paranormal house where nothing makes sense. The truth unfolds as you progress through the main story revealing who and what is behind all this madness. The family history and the origin will get clear as we are desperately trying to escape from the house of reality, dreams, or hallucinations. The 4 digit Lock Code is the final lock that you need to unlock and escape the house to what knows lies ahead. In this guide, we have explained where you will find all 4 digits for the lock.

4 Digit Lock Code Solution In Madison

After completing the ritual, we must have noticed the lock that can be unlocked after entering the specific digits i.e. found somewhere inside the house. Each passing second gives a chill to the spine and therefore we all don’t want to spend any extra given minute inside the house. Remember each digit are personally different in each playthrough and for each player so, it is recommended that you found your own escape number when it can be found.

  • After listening to the third Cassette and obtaining the note where 2 Red Horns are sketched in your note, you will end up near a room where Animal Horn or Trophy is placed on the wall. Not a coincidence! Click a picture of the Animal Horn which will reveal the first digit.
  • Next would be when at the Morgue or riding the elevator and learning all about Madison’s victim, you will reach to the top floor where clicking a picture of the mirror will reveal the second digit.
  • After completing the clock room puzzle, take out your camera and take a snap of the door to open it and reveal the third digit.
  • After collecting the Blue Knee’s eyeball and dumping them into the ground, take a snap of the circle or hole that will reveal the fourth digit.

Enter the digits to unlock and enter the final sequence of the game. For more guides on Madison, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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