MHR Sunbreak How To Get Pure Crystal & Its Use

MHR SunbreakMonster Hunter Rise is the sixth part of the Monster Hunter series released in March 2021 and developed by Capcom is an action-based RPG for Nintendo Switch and was later released for PC in January 2022. It follows its predecessor’s classic ideas but improvises the mechanics and new monsters to make this game the best one so far by the company. It’s essentially a game of killing boss monsters with your own ones which reward you with better equipment helping you to defeat more brutal monsters and ultimately progress through the game. With its 14 different weapon types and diverse gameplay, it never gets boring.

Now Sunbreak is basically a massive expansion of MHR featuring new monsters and new lands so you need to own the MHR and after completing the “Serpent Goddess of Thunder” quest can you play the Sunrise.

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak How To Get Pure Crystal

Pure crystals are of 8 rarity and can be sold for 3600. You need to be Master rank 3 and go to a flooded forest. You can farm them when there is a mining outcrop upsurge going on.

  • In area 1, just a few spaces from the main camp.
  • You can find it inside the pyramid structure
  • In area 9, at the base of a cliff near a water body
  • From subcamp 1 you need to turn left towards the exit and you’ll encounter the mining outcrop.
  • You need to descend from the other exit of the first sub-camp and turn right. The mining outcrop is hidden around the grass and trees at the ground on Area 11.
  • You can find them in literal holes in the wall between Area 11 and Area 7.
  • You can find the mining outcrop near the hole that drops you down in Area 14.
  • ┬áLocated in area 10

MHR Sunbreak Pure Crystal Use

Pure crystals are used as forging materials. You can craft weapons like Gelid Spirit and armor & buddy equipment like Astalos Helm, Ingot Helm, Almudrom Vambraces, Kushala grip, and many more. You can even use it to upgrade weapons such as Tristan and Isolde, Gelid Spirit, Fortis Gran, Grenade Revolver, Guillotines, and Venomous Attar.

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