Fobia St. Dinfa Hotel- Where to Find the Red Key Card And Password

Fobia St. Dinfna HotelThe Hotel is filled with both hallucinating and mysterious objects that the protagonist must overcome to survive. The survivor needs to solve puzzles and secure different keys to unlock undiscovered rooms to learn about the situation and how to escape the madness. One such key you will need at the beginning would be the Red Key Card. It is one of the important key cards which unlock the gate that leads to the other side of the 6th floor. This guide will help you learn where the key card and the password for the locker can be located. So, without any further ado let’s get started.

Where to Find the Red Key Card At Fobia St. Dinfa Hotel

Once you come across room number 607, you will be unable to proceed further, thus we recommend you to move onto the left-hand side of the corridor, there will be a staircase opposite to a grate. Climb down the staircase to the 5th floor. A cut scene will be played, watch those mutated spiders going into the left eerie dark side of the corridor. You need a gun to proceed into that dark way unless 4 spiders will attack you and you will suffer from injuries. Thus ignore that for now!

Proceed to the grated door from where the spider had popped out from during the cutscene. Open it and there will be an office with a telephone over the desk. Enter into the crack behind the desk, and move to the left side, you will find a box containing the red key card. After you get hold of the card and escape from the crater, the phone will ring and that would be from Stephanie. You can pick it up or keep it for later.

Password Or Code

You can now head straight to the room with the grate in front of the stairs on the 6th floor. The room will have a stool with a globe on it. There will be a note lying near the globe that will contain the passcode to open the gate on the right side in the same room. Use the Red Key card and the passcode, 67352 to open the gate and access the later part of the game.

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