Last Days Of Lazarus- Laboratory Puzzle Solution And Sacred Orb

Last Days Of Lazarus

Last Days of Lazarus where your Dark and Supernatural legacy is being unfolded. It is inspired by the post soviet era but with supernatural elements. In chapter 4, after picking up the key from the dead soldier you open the locked gate where you encounter the ghost of a little girl which is revealed later to be the ghost of Ivona, a saint who got killed by the acts of General Zotov. As you proceed forward, you will come across some sort of laboratory where a puzzle awaits to be solved that involves Gold.

Laboratory Puzzle Solution And Sacred Orb In Last Days Of Lazarus

 As you walk down the road after crossing the cemetery, you’ll come across a gold vein outside the mausoleum. Collect Gold Ore before entering the laboratory room where according to Father Abraham, your father used to pray. Use the matchsticks to light the candle inside the lamp on the first instrument and place Gold Ore that you have collected.

The first machine will churn Gold Ore into Fine Gold powder as shown in the book. Now you need to place the Fine Gold powder in the second machine and rotate the red knobs such that all three markers show green and not red. For that, you want to rotate the knob beside the book once, and then let everything be transferred to the last chamber. Next, fill up the second chamber after transferring the first chamber’s liquid into the second chamber. Finally rotate the first one once more and click the red button, this will activate the machine and will turn the fine gold into a Purified Gold Sphere.

Now place the Gold Sphere in the third machine and then click the first button to enter the battery and the second button to rotate or invert the charge of the battery. Arrange in such a manner that the adjacent one is always the opposite charge. This will activate the device and after a bit of cinematics will give you the sacred orb. Collect the portrait of St. Ivona and go to the graveyard and you’ll discover Ivona’s coffin with another orb known as Athonite.

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