Last Days Of Lazarus How To Obtain Athonite Orb & It’s Use

Last Days Of Lazarus

Last Days Of Lazarus is an adventure horror investigative game developed by Darkania WorksGrimTalin. After remaining away from home for so long, Lazarus returns home to find his sister Lyudmila missing. Trying to find out the truth about supernatural things occurring all over the city and in his house, Lazarus goes on an adventure. Below you will find how to obtain the Athonite orb and its use.

Last Days Of Lazarus How to obtain Athonite Orb

Place the picture of St. Ivona you get resting on the left side of the road near the moving drone and the bell which can be found just at the entrance of the cemetery. You need to place them in their respective places inside the underground room in the cemetery. Now for the puzzle of the bell, you need to pull the first chain from the left once, the second one once, and the third one once.

This will make all three chains to be on the same height. Then pull the third one once more and then both the first and second chains twice at the same time. This will solve the bell puzzle and open the coffin of the ghost you see on the roads i.e. Ivona to give you the Athonite Orb.

You can use this orb to disrupt the power supply of the generator for the drones in the mines and destroy it by placing it on the Golden plate thingy. All you need to do is place the Athonite Orb you got at the cemetery and place it in the golden wheel. Now to solve the wheel puzzle you just need to align the symbols in their respective place. Just rotate all the circles one by one until you get the alignment and the symbols start to shine. After all the four symbols start to shine the core will be destabilized and will destroy the power source for the drones.

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