Last Days of Lazarus: How to discover Ivona’s Past

Last Days Of Lazarus

In Last Days Of Lazarus, you will uncover the supernatural story of the main character and his family by solving various types of puzzles. There is a mix of politics, religion, and orthodox beliefs in this game. There is also bits of jump scare and horror scene that will make your adrenaline rush with an unexpected ending. As you reach the latter part of the game in chapter 6 you have to activate a device that needs four ingredients. Below you will find which ingredients you need to activate the device and where to find those ingredients.

Last Days Of Lazarus How To Discover Ivona’s Past

In chapter 6 when you reach a monastery between the woods and discover a device below the church. You need four ingredients to activate the device and beside the device, you will find a book with the four ingredients mentioned that are, “Spirit mixture, Spotted Red Mushrooms, Ether Vial, Orchid”. You can find all these ingredients after a bit of exploring around the monastery. You can also follow the trailing lights and they will guide you to the required items.

  • Spotted Red Mushrooms – You can find them if you go behind the well right outside the church on the left side. It should be growing on a wooden log.
  • Ether Vial – It will be placed on the desk outside the room on the first floor.
  • Orchid – You can find it right in front of the church on someone’s grave.
  • Spirit Mixture – Near the statue of Ivona with a flower bed.

After gathering all the items and placing them in the device you’ll be able to view a past memory which will lead you to discover the story of the girl Ivona and how she was sacrificed while resisting Vladimir.

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