Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel- Metal Cube Solution & Where to Find Modular Key

Fobia St. Dinfna HotelIn Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel, the modular key is one of the important keys in the game. This key is used to unlock many passageways, rooms, locks, etc. Finding this key out is kind of easy yet difficult if you don’t know the exact location. This guide will help you find the Modular key and will help you solve the puzzle box. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

The Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel’s Biblioteca Library

After putting down the phone from Stephanie, you can find a wooden box containing a metal key. Grab it and go to the Biblioteca library on the first floor. Open it using the metal key. The discussion room behind the front wall contains a locker that will have the same eerie vanishing effect. Try unlocking the locker with the combination: 32 right, 16 left, and 4 right; this combination can be found written on the wall above the locker when watched through the camera. You will get a puzzle box and a note.

The Metal Cube Puzzle Box

Don’t go by the look of the box. It has many locks and hidden objects to be unlocked. First and foremost, the upper face will have a rotating mechanism; turn the inner circle first, then the middle, and at last the outer circle. Try combining them into a triangle with some obscure word scribbled on it. When solved it will provide you with a circular ring of Modular key.

After you have successfully solved the upper face puzzle, the box will open up when you use a handle with the protruding knob of the upper face. There will be two rectangular steel boxes with a lid on them. Slide the lid of the left box to find a hint on the note to solve the second puzzle. The right-side box will contain the Ornate key. The view will switch to the main lid of the box which will have switches. Using the clue, you can solve the second puzzle, i.e., 3rd, 6th, and 9th switched should be switched on. This will give you the second ring of the Modular key.

Now go to the chest and select the Ornate key to combine. Combine the Ornate key with the two rings to form the Modular key. That’s how you get the most helpful key in the game. Keep the box in the chest temporarily for now.

Head to the Opera Conference room on the first floor, you need to open the box on the table to get the Screen and combine it with the metal cube. Next, we need to solve the grid puzzle but be prepared for the first boss fight after you leave the room. The clue for the grid puzzle will be found in the same box. The puzzle may take 1 min or 1 hour depending on the individual. However, we have provided you with the fastest solution to the puzzle to obtain identical numbers as shown on the page found.

Fobia St. Dinfna Hotel

  • Extreme Top-Left button
  • Extreme Bottom-Right button
  • Extreme Top-Right button
  • Extreme Bottom-Left button
  • Middle Top button
  • Middle Right button

This will solve the third puzzle and you will get the third metal ring of modular key.The fourth puzzle will only be solved when you get the gears from the Administration room on the 8th floor. This room requires a golden metal key to open. It will be inside a safe whose code is combination: 35 right, 5 left and 30 right. It contains three gears when attached with the holes on the bottom of the box will solve the puzzle. Put the gears in such a way that it will turn the red bar into green when the gears are turned by the turner at the beginning. Once you turn all the three red bars into green, it will give you the 4th metal ring of the modular key.

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