DNF Duel Guard Cancel, Parry & Block Opponents

DNF Duel

DNF Duel is a relatively simple and approachable one-on-one combat game that may be enjoyed only at its face value since the Arc System Works have given in the best and DNF Duel has been created unbelievably slick to match the gamer’s hunger who are ready to just begin and fight. And for the gamers who want rather better narrative gameplay and an all round experience, even the game has its suitable mode.

DNF had reserved two best of its enabled defensive moves for its players to add that extra little edge of fun while fighting. These defensive tools are the best of your moves to defend, block, and even give damage to your opponent and more importantly save your HP but at a cost.

DND Duel How To Use Block?

Block in this game fighting game can be done by pressing the backward direction. Just like any other platform PvP fighting game, the block in this game is quite similar. To block the downward attack players need to crouch and hold the backward direction button, and to block the normal attack you need to just stand and hold the back direction button.

How To Use Guard Cancel?

Guard Cancel can also be known as parry where you can can deal damage to an opponent while guarding their attack. But the catch is it’s an extremely expensive move that will drain 100 MP from you in addition to being very effective. So magic got its cost too!! You must hold down B+S while guarding and looking forward in order to utilize the Guard Cancel. It won’t function if you have the necessary 100 MP, since you’ll be using them.

Note: Guard cancel can also be parried sometimes and you might have a hard time defending after that. Conversion attack is different from guard cancel and you can perform it once your HP is low and white. To use conversion you need to press attack B+S.

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