The Cycle: Frontier- How to Get Twitch Drops Limited Time

The Cycle: FrontierOn the occasion of the release of The Cycle Frontier Season 1, YAGER made a 12 days provision of getting free drops for those who have accounts on Twitch. It is a limited-time event that is in effect from June 23 to allure gamers into the Cycle Frontier world. That’s fascinating!! So, lets discuss how to get into Twitch and claim these exciting gifts.

First and foremost, you need to have a Twitch account that should be connected to the YAGER account. This can be done by logging into the Cycle Frontier Twitch drop site through your PC and following the steps one after another. That’s all; you can now watch respective stream videos. When you earn the drop there will be a pop-up to claim it. There be an email too.

This feature has been in effect from 11 am June 23 to 12 pm July 4. The streamer can claim 66 drops in total that are he/she can only claim 6 drops in 18 hours only. The rarity of a drop depends upon how many hours a person can devote to the streaming platform Twitch. It is said that if you watch videos in late hours, it will provide you with rare items yet the probability of getting a legendary rare item is less. YAGER stated that to balance the value of a rare and a common object this feature has been taken into account. The drop starts at 6 a.m. ET.

Well, to this the developers have added some spice. Among the 12 days, some days are scheduled for players to watch streaming videos as an individual, and some days are scheduled to partner with other streamers or affiliates and the drop profited will be divided among the individuals. Heres the schedule for The Cycle Frontier Streaming Videos:

  • June 2325: open days, any individual under The Cycle: Frontier can stream with drops
  • June 2527: collaborate with 10 exclusive partners who will watch in a rotation
  • June 2829: only affiliates, drops will be exclusively for YAGERs new upcoming or
    smaller channels that stream into the platform
  • June 29 July 2: Partners are required
  • July 24: open days, any individual under The Cycle: Frontier can stream with drops

How to Claim Twitch Drops (in brief) For The Cycle: Frontier

To claim the drops of The Cycle Frontier Season 1 Drops, you need to follow those steps:

  • Log into your account in
  • Search or surf for The Cycle Frontier category on Twitch and traverse into it.
  • Filter the channel using Drop Enabled
  • Watch the videos for a certain period of time, to claim your reward
  • Collect the rewards from the Twitch Drops page

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