Naraka: Bladepoint Crossplay How To Add Friends On Steam From Xbox?

naraka bladepoint

First of all, gamers if you are already a big fan of this astounding brainchild of 24 entertainment’s Naraka: Bladepoint, we quite don’t have to give you the unparalleled experience of having your hands on this fantasy adventure action battle beauty on your PC. Naraka: Bladepoint rolled out for PCs in 2021 and no wonder the amazing Asian folklore-inspired storyline and character build-up did succeed to do magic in the market.

The game inhibits close combat-inspired battle style where you fight with 60 other players and stand till last to win. Naraka: Bladepoint was definitely a blockbuster hit with 60+ million copies sold worldwide and invariably the main question was, are the developers expanding the compatibility platform. And in more simple terms, is it cross-play functional.

What Is Crossplay?

Ladies and gentlemen, game developers take quite a good stroll to keep in mind the comfort of their customers. So invariably if your game is cross-play enabled it lets you play with your friends even if they are not on the same platform as you. Likewise ever since the release of Naraka: Bladepoint on multiple platforms have worked their best for cross-play compatibility.

Is Naraka: Bladepoint Cross Play Enabled?

Congratulations gamer, you can easily play your favorite with your friends even though they don’t have the same gaming platform as you. So yes, Naraka: Bladepoint is pretty smoothly compatible with the cross-play platform. Coz you can easily party up the game with other players on different platforms. And even you can disable crossplay if you want to play with players on your platform. And you can easily match make with your friends with Xbox consoles and PCs.

Naraka: Bladepoint Crossplay Bug

Invariably even if the game is cross-play enabled and is put out to market with the content specifications. The producer of the game Yongcheng Liu took up Twitter or inform Naraka: Bladepoint fans about the recent bug that the players may encounter while match-making, that’s affecting the cross-play feature. Which is currently enabling Xbox console users to party up and play with the Microsoft PC platform but unfortunately not with players on the steam platform. So gamer bugs you have the word of the developers, that they are already on the bug fix and indefinitely this amazing game will be rolled out clean with crossplay-enabled compatibility.

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