Lost Ark- How To Get Asura Island Token/Soul

lost arkLost ARK was developed by Smilegate and Tripod Studio and was released in 2019 in Korea as an open-world MMORPG with breathtaking cinematics and fight sequences. With its diverse set of character classes to choose from it took over the west on steam swiftly. Despite its cringe-worthy dialogues, few dull characters and generic plotline of humans and angels teaming up to fight against the fiend demons, its depth in each system and adventurous gameplay is out of this world. You even get your own ship to search through the seas and go adventuring.

Having over 100 islands and around 90 island tokens to be found which can be traded for items to boost your power and skills. Lost Ark has a huge world to explore. You can get island tokens on almost all of the islands presented in Lost Ark.

How To Get Asura Island Token/Soul

Ashura Island is located in the east of the Feiton continent on the western side of the map right in the middle of the tempest seas is an adventure island. You need to go near the edges of the tempest seas and wait for the island to spawn, which you can check on your Procyon’s Compass.

You get a notification 10 minutes prior to an adventure island spawning. Upon entering Asura Island a quest will begin after a few minutes. The first quest which is a PvE is to kill 200 monsters and you will be rewarded with blood shards and some silver depending on how well you performed on the quest.

  • First place gives you 15 blood shards
  • Second Place gives you 14 blood shards
  • Third Place gives you 13 blood shards
  • And just by participating in this will give you 10 blood shards

The second quest is a PvP free for all deathmatch where you fight with other players and the more players you eliminate the higher the reward you get. This is the best way through which you get the majority of the blood shards.

  • First place gives you 100 blood shards
  • Second Place gives you 80 blood shards
  • Third Place gives you 70 blood shards
  • Fourth Place gives you 50 blood shards
  • And just by participating in this will give you 20 blood shards

Obtaining the Island Tokens is not an easy process as you need to collect 100 Blood Shards which you need to exchange for an item with a Ghost worshiper spirit called “Challenge of Blood”.

This will trigger the chain of quests including “A Mysterious Creature” and then later Gangwoon’s Rematch” which will ultimately reward you with the Island Tokens. After you complete the quests, you will need to travel back to the island in order to talk to the spirit and obtain the Token.

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