AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative- What Is The nil number

Ai: The Somnus Files- Nirvana InitiativeWhile playing AI: The Somnium Files- nirvanA Initiative we would come across various Trivia and case-related puzzles that we need to solve in order to learn the mystery of Half Body Case found at the Studio Dvatia 6 years ago whose Left Half was missing until Misaki found it in the stadium. Even among revolving around all the mysteries, we would come across the term Nil number and only a Frayer would know it. To learn where we can find the Nil number and at what point of the game we have compiled a small guide.

What Is The nil number At AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative

There are multiple endings and the branches can be tracked in your Flowchart. There is no specific nil number and for all the players it is different. So, you can’t enter any other nil number unless you have obtained your own in your playthrough. To obtain the nil number you will have to reach the Epilogue where at Naix HQ, Tokiko or the hologram of Tokiko will speak to Mizuki. Do not fret if you don’t get it in your first route or try. Here she will mention you the six-digit code that you need to note it down or take a screenshot which can be used at Ryuki Chapter-1, February 11th (Mon), Ought to Know Naix Japan President’s Office.

The moment where Tokiko asked you whether you are a Frayer. Once you enter the correct sequence of the code, the Ryuki Diverge timeline chapter will be unlocked, or specifically, the nil route will be unlocked. At that Ryuki Diverge timeline, everything that has occurred in the original timeline will seem to be non-existent but the fragment will still linger around.

The conversation we had at the beginning with Tokiko at your first playthrough will now seem to make sense. After completing the Ryuki Diverge, 3rd Class Cabin will be unlocked that can be purchased for 999 Eyeballs. For more guides on AI: The Somnium Files- nirvanA Initiative, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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