Tiny Tina Wonderlands All Classes Tier List

Tiny Tina Wonderlands

Tiny Tina Wonderlands is a spin-off with a different story from the Borderlands series. You can play this game with a split screen locally with a friend. As you start the game, you will find yourself choosing from 6 different classes. All these classes vastly differ from each other and have different sets of skills. Below you will find a brief guide on these classes and which classes are the best to choose.

Tiny Tina Wonderlands All Classes

Spore Warden: It is a ranged Class, with you there will always be a mushroom companion that will deal poison damage to nearby enemies. It’s got one of the best action skills ingame which is “Barrage”, a shotgun blast of arrows and blizzard. The reason for it being so great is that it has a lower cooldown and you can hold three charges of it. One of the best combos you can use on Spore Warden is “Wrath of Nature”.

Brr-Zerker: It’s a hybrid character who focuses on both ranged and melee damage. The main source of dealing damage is by inflicting frost while staying enraged. The berserker skill tree focuses on increasing Frost damage and it is to note that enemies that are frozen will take more damage from melee attacks or after switching the weapon which makes it one of the hybrid classes.

Spellshot: It focuses purely on dealing damage through the spell as it is supposed to be if it boasts to be on the class of mage. The class feat is Spellweaving which whenever you use your spell or reload you’re gonna get a stack that increases spell damage. Both the action skills are useful in terms of a mage perception who has to use spells whenever it is available to increase the stack. Still, accompanied by Polymorph will trigger multiple spells while shooting while increasing the stack and damage which is extremely powerful. If you include the skill tree, this class is an absolute maniac.

Clawbringer: The class feat is a wyvern companion which will deal fire damage. This class deals with potential Fire damage as well as Lightning damage with the help of your Hammer. It is kind of a support class if not as it increases the Elemental damage of himself and his allies which is useful if paired with other classes. Other than that it seems much of a troublesome class to main at endgame.

Graveborn: This has got one of the best companions in the game as the Class Feat, a Demi-Lich Companion which will cast Hellish Blasts every time you cast a spell. Your both action skills will sacrifice your health to deal damage or dark magic damage. However, to balance it out, your skill tree has health regeneration which allows you to dish out heavy damage to the enemies. It is really close to be included in S+ Tier but still compared to Sporewarden or Spellshot it still lacks the lethality.

Stabbomancer: This class specializes in critical hits and is surprisingly good when paired with other classes. The crit ranges to Spell Damage, Melee Damage, and Gun Damage. Every attack has the potential of dealing crit damage which seems not bad enough if you want to delete an enemy instantly or see multiple Critical Hits on enemies.

Tiny Tina Wonderlands Tier List

S+ Tier
S Tier
A Tier
C Tier

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