Stardew Valley- How to Get Auto-Petter & Why Do You Need It?

Stardew Valley

The Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone has a unique way to attract gamers through Stardew Valley, basically molding farming into an e-world. The dilapidated farm of the former grandfather will have a machine that automatically pets any animal inside it and coop them. Well, excited about its name? It’s none other than Auto-Petter. How to get this and in which field is its benefit, let’s discuss in detail. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Stardew Valley Auto-Petter

Once in a while, your pet needs your attention but you can also be busy with other work. To keep the mood of your pet good just install the auto-petter which will automatically pat your animals and increase their happiness. If animals or pets is one of your income of source you can install these machine which will come in handy for your pets.

How to Get Auto-Petter

There are different ways to get Auto-Petter, some of the methods are:

Jojamart: Like supermarkets, Jojamart is a supermarket present inside the Stardew world. You can only avail the Auto-Petter if you have completed the Joja Warehouse instead of the Community Centre. The cost for one Auto-Petter is 50000 gold. That’s huge, right?

Skull Cavern: Most of the time Auto-Petter is found in treasure chests at random.

The danger in the Deep Quest: In this quest, when there is an activation of Mr. Qi’s quest, you can find Auto-Petters in mines whenever an enemy is slain or you break any container. Well, that’s a matter of luck!!

The Shrine of Challenge: After the above-mentioned quest is completed, if you activate the shrine, the probability of finding the Auto-Petter increases; whether you kill or break some artifacts, there will be more chances of getting an Auto-Petter.

Why Do You Need Auto-Petter?

The time-consuming task for the players will be facilitated by this device. It maintains a permanent and quick relationship between the owner and the animal. However, except for the JojaMart, there is no guarantee that the device will be available for the player. It provides only half of the friendship than that of the manual interaction with animals.

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