Genshin Impact: All Kid Kujirai Location & How To Play Temari

Genshin Impact

Despite having a lot of similarities with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact delivers a stunning plotline and vibrant open world. With its gacha system and wide set of characters to play with Genshin’s impact delivers the players a fun and memorable experience that they can share with their friends with whom they play or can go on conquests solo.

Kid Kujirai is an NPC in Genshin Impact and can be found on Inazuma, one of the seven regions
in Teyvat, and will reward you handsomely after completing his quests. When interacting he’ll ask the players to play a game of Temari. The player has to find the hidden Temari item within the allotted time to win rewards. You have to play the Temari game three times at each location to earn the reward

Genshin Impact All Kid Kujirai Location

You need to speak with him at Konda Village, where he explains the rules of the game and then he spawns at different locations as follows:-

Yashiori Island: You can find Kid Kujirai inside the Jokatsu Mine. You will find the other Kid Kujiari inside Serpent’s Head but to reach him you need to follow the two electro Seelie to their destination leading to the doors opening inside the serpent.

Tatarasuna Island: The first location on this island is on the northwest side near the coast. The second location is on the southeast side with him standing between some woods.

Araumi: Here he should be standing on top of a cliff near the west beach.

Genshin Impact Kid Kujirai

Inazuma city: You can find him on the southern part of the island that’s located on the east side of Inazuma city, near a thunder sakura bough.

Genshin Impact Kid Kujirai

Sangonomiya Shrine: You can find him at the center of the Watatsumi island standing on top of one of the thin purple islands as shown in the image above, standing next to a rock.

Genshin Impact Kid Kujirai

Koseki Village: You can find him standing around some stone pillars and crates around the center of the village.

Genshin Impact How To Play Temari

To play this game as a co-op you need to interact with the Temari next to Kid Kujirai. There will be two roles which are keeper and thieves. The one hiding the Temari will be the keeper and the one tasked with finding the Temari is the thieves. Both the keeper and the thieves will have a limited amount of time to hide or seek the Temari.

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