AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative- Shot In The Leg And All Quiz

Ai: The Somnus Files- Nirvana InitiativeAI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative, as a whole would really be a gigantic name to get along with. But it’s definitely not new for its fans from the time The Somnium files reached its maiden version and took the market by storm. Indeed this version of the game had played its best on part of gaming specifications and definitely, it has eclipsed its base version. With overwhelming and extremely satisfied players, this Japanese rolled-out game by Spike Chunsoft has left no facet of it to be different and commendable.

It’s not just simply a wellwritten detective story or a videogame with branching pathways that occasionally calls for you to make a different decision or take a different route to uncover new leads. The game proceeds it’s more enriched with quests, trivia, and many other riddles and here we are with a small guide to all the questionnaires.

All Quiz Answers For AI: The Somnium Files nirvanA Initiative

First, before diving deep into other quizzes, let’s begin with the one where the Host asks us about the New Cyclops Serial Killing Investigation where we had to answer him whether we are familiar with it or not. Many of us including me had selected “I am” as an option and now we are stuck with blanks instead of selecting from the multiple choices. All we need to enter a name but it is still intimidating and tough as we have to type out the name. It is a spoiler but your curiosity lead you here, so why not go with it.

Q 1: Who was shot in the leg at the end of the first game?

Answer: Mizuki

Q 2: What is the name of the murderer responsible for the New Cyclops Serial Killings?

Answer: Saito

Scavenger Quiz (Stage 1)

In the Amame Somnium, this guide will help through the quiz, its stages, and the questions and respective answers to pass and obtain the secret achievement. The quiz is segmented into 5 stages and starts with Stage 1 which is the scavenger quiz and below the questions and answers are as mentioned.

Q 1: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.9

Answer: Vokeman (Label No.9)

Q 2: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.5 ( are you seeing a pattern..?)

Answer: Elephant Trinket (Label No.5)

Q 3: *music* The BGM is Air on G String

Answer: MonoWheel Robot, Shoma’s Robot (Label G)

Occult Quiz (Stage 2)

Here you have to choose words for a group of given words from two columns. But the catch is, those
are not your answers rather those are the hints to your answers. We hope you tried your luck already
detectives, but for the one who needs a little help, here we are!

Q 1: ”Which of these represents a historical secret society and can you name it?”

Answer: Freemasons

Q 2: “Many unidentified mysterious animals, or UMAs, have been discovered. Which one is

Answer: Chupacabra

Q 3: “Which of these two things affect the human psyche and behavior? A or B?”

Answer: Subliminal

Spot The Difference (Stage 3)

As like the name of stage 3 suggests, you will have four monitors in front of you where you have to pick up the odd difference. And that’s your key to qualifying for the next round of the quiz. The answers are in no particular order and can be chosen randomly in the game as well.

  • Answer 1: Split blue figure
  • Answer 2: Mizuki (looks dead)
  • Answer 3: Kizuna (looks dead)
  • Answer 4: Torn magazine

Ultimate 50/50 (Stage 4)

With an intriguing and interesting name, the ultimate 50/50 is kind of an ambiguous stage where all answers presume to be correct. And the quiz will be marking the end with stage 5, that’s “Find the truth”, just like stage 5, all answers would be correct without any confusion.

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