Roblox Blox Fruits- How To Get Enma

Roblox Blox FruitsRoblox is a platform for many different types of games and experiences and Roblox Blox Fruits is a part of it. If you were interested you could actually create games on this platform for anyone to pay. Most people will prefer playing the game rather than creating something. You can even earn and spend real-life money here. The currency here is called “Robux” which is purchased from real-life money.

With the rollout of the new update which includes “Blox fruits” the game has changed forever and become more exciting. The one-piece themed update lets people wield powerful swords and devil fruits from one piece. The fruits are Bomb, Spike, Chop, Spring, Kilo, Smoke, Spin, Flame, Falcon, Ice, Sand, Dark, Revive, Diamond, Light, Love, Magma, Door, Rubber, Quake, Human Buddha, Barrier, String, Bird Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Dough, Shadow, Venom, Control, Soul, and Dragon.

With the large variety of swords in the game, Enma is considered to be one of the most powerful swords and its moves “Hellish Slash” and “Internal Hurricane” are really cool to watch.

How To Get Enma In Roblox Blox Fruits

You need to take a quest of killing elite hunters from the elite hunter located in the castle in the Third Sea 30 times just to become worthy to wield the blade. Quest has a Cooldown of 10 minutes after completion. All you need to do is talk with him at the front side of the castle and he’ll give you the quest of killing the elite hunters. After meeting the requirements, head to Hydra Island. Just below the waterfall, there’s a secret entrance to a temple that will lead you to the location of Enma. Destroy the door that’s inside the secret passage and you’ll see Enma but with guardians protecting it. You need to defeat those elite hunters to get your hands on Enma. You need to complete all the above-mentioned steps to wield the legendary Zoro’s new sword Enma.

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