Raft How Navigation Works In The Game & Find Big Islands

raftIn Raft during the early game navigating the ocean can be a little confusing as having no idea where to go. At first, you need to collect a lot of resources floating around the ocean near your raft and build a Sail that will help your speed up your boat. Sail towards the direction in which the resources are coming so it will be easier for you to collect them. Below you will find how to build a machine to navigate the sea and find big islands.

Raft How Does Navigation Work In The Game

At the start of the game, you will be floating in the middle of the ocean not knowing where to go. Gathering resources is one of the primary parts of the game and you will need to craft certain items to navigate the vast ocean.

Compass is not available in this game as the island are spawned randomly that you will encounter while exploring. To spot an island far away you can also use binoculars. But to locate an island easily you need to craft a few machines first. The items you need to craft to start your journey in the game are a Receiver, Antenna, and Battery

You can check out our previous guide HERE on how to assemble these three and start navigating in Raft.

Raft How To Find Big Islands

Big Islands in this game are full of resources where you will find animals, birds, eggs, trading posts, and various other food resources to bring back to your raft. Once you set up your receiver you need to turn it on and locate the green dots on the screen.

These green dots are the big islands where you can also find rare resources such as wool and titanium ore. To obtain wool you need to kill a Llama and use the shear tool on it. To obtain titanium ore, use the metal detectors on these islands. Once the metal detectors start beeping and all the LEDs light up, you need to dig that place using a shovel.

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