Raft Rhino Shark & how To Defeat Him

raftVaruna point in Raft is a big giant building that’s submerged under water. It’s where the Giant Rhino Shark resides. As it’s the final boss of that area, killing it is quite a bit of a process. The Rhino shark doesn’t take any damage from arrows or melee weapons so it would be a waste to use them.

How To Defeat Rhino Shark In Raft?

When you finally reach the garage door with a G symbol with nowhere to go. You’ll sight the Rhino shark that will break the garage door and the fight will start. You’ll notice four pillars in the room and to defeat the Rhino shark you’ll want to get behind a pillar and let the Rhino shark hit the pillar once which breaks it in the middle. Now place an explosive barrel inside the pillar and let the shark hit it again which breaks the pillar completely and gives you access to the second floor.

Now on this floor, you’ll have to repeat the same process. Get behind a pillar, let the shark hit it which breaks the middle part, and place an explosive barrel in it and let the shark hit it again giving you access to the third floor.

The third floor is the final floor with only one pillar. You have to do the same thing last time. Get behind the pillar, and let the shark hit it creating a gap in the pillar. Place the explosive barrel in it and let the shark hit it again. This will ultimately kill the shark and you can loot all the shark meat you want.

One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to stay behind the middle part of the pillar on the third floor as the lower part has metal and it’ll not break even if the shark hits it. After the destruction of the pillar and the shark’s death, you’ll get access to the crane key. Collect all the resources from the Rhino Shark’s body and you will obtain a trophy that you’ll see the shark’s full body tied that can be placed on your Raft as a trophy.

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