Raft Vending Machine All Item List, Advanced Collection Net & Battery


There are various items, machines, and decorative items that can be collected or crafted in Raft. While exploring the story islands you will come across vending machine tokens that can be spent to buy various items. The vending machine can be found on the Tangaroa Island and two other new story islands. Below you will find the list of items that can be found in the vending machine, a brief guide on advanced collection net, and advanced battery.

Raft Vending Machine All Item List

1st Machine
  • Piano: 8x Vending Machine Token
  • Boombox: 6x Vending Machine Token
  • Machete: 5x Vending Machine Token
  • Backpack: 5x Vending Machine Token
  • Leather Hat: 4x Vending Machine Token
  • Leather Greaves: 4x Vending Machine Token
2nd Machine
  • Coconut Chicken: 2x Vending Machine Token
  • Steak With Jam: 2x Vending Machine Token
  • BBQ: 2x Vending Machine Token
  • Shark Dinner: 2x Vending Machine Token
  • Mug With Fresh Water: 1x Vending Machine Token
  • Water Bottle: 2x Vending Machine Token
3rd Machine

Decorative plant pots that cost 1x Vending Machine Token.

4th Machine

Decorative hanging portraits that cost 2x Vending Machine Token

Raft Advanced Collection Net

While exploring the vast ocean you will come across various items floating in it. At the beginning of the game, you will be able to only collect these items by using your hook. As the game progress, you will be able to craft a collection net that will automatically collect the items floating in the ocean. Advanced Collection net is used to hold more items and the resources required to craft one are:

  • Plank x6
  • Rope x10
  • Titanium Ore x4

Raft Advanced Battery & How To Find Its Blueprint

The advanced battery blueprint can be found in the Varuna point, after getting the crane key. Once you get the key, use the crane to break the ceiling and enter the building to get the blueprint. An advanced battery is used to run the machine longer than a simple battery. The resources required to craft an advanced battery are:

  • Copper Ingot 2x
  • Scrap 2x
  • Titanium Ingot 4x

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