Raft- How To Unlock New Characters And Where To Find Them

RaftAfter the full release of Raft, there has been an addition of new playable characters and islands. Well, similar to you they are also stranded around the world and once you talk to them, they will join your crew to say which means that they are now unlocked as a playable characters that can be selected before joining or creating the World. Here is a small guide where we have tried to help you up with the character locations and how to release them. Hope you enjoy this.

How To Unlock New Characters And Where To Find Them In Raft

Radio Tower

So out of the 4 available new characters, we come across our first major island, or say Radio Tower where we will unlock our first playable character “Tala“. You will meet her at the top of the radio station where the Blueprint for Recycler is placed in the same room. Interact and talk to her and after a brisk conversation, congratulations people you have one playable character loaded up.

Balboa Island

So next in the row you can direct your ship to Balboa Island. So once again people, a small ride to the islands again. This time. It will be funny since you know the place and are familiar with the routes. Just put in the coordinates and you will reach the islands. Make your way towards Relay Station 6 and on top of it, your another playable character “Johnny” will be lying on his mattress waiting for a sweet angel to rescue him. Talk to him and voila, it is now unlocked.

Tangaroa Island

Once you reach Tangaroa Island, complete all the objectives, and use the emergency launch code to lift off a small shuttle that will land on the water nearby. Enter the shuttle or dome whatever you can say where “Elaine” would be stuck on the launching node seat. Set her free, and after a small chit-chat, you have another character added to your book!!

Temperance Island Shogo

Unlike any other island, you will find a new freezing environment where Research Facility is filled with Toxic gas. Since there is a Hazmat Suit provided to you that can tolerate or prevent the Toxic gas for a limited duration. Collect all three control rods and activate the reactor to pour out the gas. Next, you will find “Shogo” who has been on cryosleep after interacting with the monitor that shows his pulse. Talk to him and now you have unlocked all of the playable characters that are literally unmissable if you follow the storyline.

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