Raft- How To Get Trash Cube And Build Reputation in Trading Post?

RaftIn Raft after the full release and new update, there has been an addition of tons of content for the players to enjoy their exploration. Enjoy the vibe while stranded somewhere in the ocean with nothing but a wild ferocious aquatic animal biting you on any given chance when you drop down into the ocean. Apart from sharks and normal fishes which we cook, there are 12 new fishes that can be sold on Trading posts in an exchange for Reputation and Trade Coins. However, to begin or say the primary item that we need to purchase items will be a Trash Cube.

How To Get Trash Cube And What To Do With It In Raft

It is not necessary that on every island Trading Post will spawn according to our observation. If you come across a Trading Post where you can start your transaction of purchasing and selling rare items, we will need a Trash Cube for it. Trash Cube can be found randomly in the ocean, however, the best way to farm Trash Cube would be to research the blueprint Recycler and build one for yourself and your mates.

To build a Recycler, we would require the materials in your inventory as mentioned:

  • 6x Plastic
  • 4x Metal Ingot
  • 2x Bolt/Hinge
  • 1x Circuit Board

However, without any power Recycler will not function so additionally craft a Simple Battery to run the Recycler which will cost you these materials:

  • 1x Copper Ingot
  • 3x Scrap
  • 6x Plastic

Once built, you will have to feed an excess of raw materials i.e. Palm Leaf, Plastics, etc. After feeding 30 Plastics or any other raw materials, it will be processed and the final product i.e. a single Trash Cube will be obtained.

Trading Post And How To Build Reputation

Speaking of Trading Post, the items are divided into Tiers. T1, T2, and T3 all contain useful items. To unlock T2 and T3 items, we would need to build Reputation. Now, go into the Sell section where 12 new fishes would be registered which we can’t fish unless we have an appropriate bait. On Tier 1, purchase a Simple Fishing Bait to fish Tier 1 exotic fishes and sell it to increase Reputation and earn Trade Coins.

Similarly, after purchasing Tier 2 and Tier 3 Baits, you will be able to catch Tier 2 and Tier 3 exotic fish to sell on a Trading Post. For more guides on Raft, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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