Raft How To Get Baits, Types Of Baits, How To Use Baits & Do Fishing


The word Raft itself is related to oceans and where there are water bodies, how can you avoid fishing. Redbeet Interactive has made it possible in the Free World Survival game. Fishing for some rare species might get you some rare goods at the Trading Centre but before that, you need to research and craft a machine called Recycler. Check out our previous post on all about recycler and how to build one.

Raft Unlock Fishing and Craft Fishing Rod

You need 1x plank and 1x Rope, put together in the Research Table, to unlock Fishing. After that, use 6x Planks and 8x Ropes to craft a fishing rod yet later you can craft a Metal Fishing Rod which is made from 3x Scraps, 1x Bolt, and 8x Ropes.

The probability of getting a fish in both the rods is different, which is obvious that the Metal Fishing Rod will have a higher percentage of catching a fish.

How To Get Fishing Bait In Raft?

Fishing baits are exchanged with the Trash Cubes in the Trading Post. One piece of fishing bait costs one Trash Cubes. Trash Cubes can be mended using the Recycler. Most of the Trading Posts contain only a handful of baits (4x) thus you need to find other big islands for Trading Posts to obtain baits. Keep in mind that fish baits are different from shark baits. There are three types of fishing baits available in this game which are:

  • Simple Fishing Bait
  • Advanced Fishing Bait
  • Expert Fishing Bait

The advance and expert fishing baits can only be obtained by increasing your reputation in a trading post. To learn how to increase your reputation you can check out our previous guide HERE.

How to Fish in Raft?

After crafting a fishing rod (any one of the two) and getting the fishing baits, stand near the water and left-click to cast the fishing rope. Press the right mouse button to use the bait in the fishing rod. When the line vibrates it indicates that a fish has been trapped in the hook. Work fast and left-click again to recoil the fishing rod.

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