Raft Advanced Anchor, Observatory Temperance Code & Selene Key


With the latest final update in Raft, various new items and 3 new islands are added. One such item will be Advanced Anchor which can be found on Temperance Island. But before you can obtain the blueprint you need to solve a puzzle and find the safe code. Below you will discover how to complete the puzzle and find the code.

Observatory Temeperance Code & Selene Key

In the observatory tower, you will find a giant telescope with a screen with buttons where you can move the screen from left to right by pushing the buttons. While moving the screen you will find the various constellations. Before using the screen you might have already got the 4 picture notes using which you need to decode the puzzle and obtain the safe code.

To solve the puzzle you need to find the constellation matching the picture notes and count the number of stars. The code for the safe is 5964. For a detailed guide on this puzzle and all Temperance Island puzzles, you can check out the previous guide HERE. Once you solve the puzzle you will get the safe code and can open the locked safe in that room. Inside the safe, you will find the Selene key. To know where to use the Selene key check out the previous guide HERE.

Raft How To Get Advanced Stationary Anchor In Raft?

Now If you have completed the above puzzle in the Observatory Tower you already have obtained the code as shown above. All you need to do is open the safe by using the code and you will obtain the Advanced Stationary Anchor Blueprint.

You can complete the research of the blueprint from your workbench. Once you complete the research it will be available to craft and then you can place it on your raft. The difference between a stationary anchor and an advanced stationary anchor is that you can control the advanced stationary anchor with engine control which will turn off all the raft engines and automatically lower the anchor.

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