Valorant- Why Split Was Removed From The Map Pool?

ValorantRiot Games has taken an unbiased step to make the Valorant ranked games player-friendly. Casually
speaking, the PVP multiplayer game shouldn’t be bent down towards a single entity. That is why the developers rubbed out the Split map from the seven maps temporarily from June 22. After the temporary deletion of the map, there was a sudden outrage and debates among Split fans that Breeze and Fracture are the worst maps that could have been removed instead of Split. Lets get into the fact deeply.

Why Split Was Removed From The Valorant Map Pool?

Split was an established map that players were accustomed to from the beginning and due to the closed-angle fights, it was well appreciated, unlike Breeze and Fracture. The problem with the map was that it was a defendercentric map, i.e., giving the defenders the upper hand in this game due to some bugs. Yes, the whole gamer community was aware of the bugs in the game where the walkthrough videos were dispersed on social media platforms. On June 16, the developer Joe Lansford” posted a blog saying that taking into consideration of past and future updates and the strategic variance of the map they have taken the abovementioned steps. That is the actual reason to wipe out the map from the game.

The second reason for it is that the infamous 7map pool theory of Riot Games. They wanted the game Valorant should be played with not less than or more than 7 maps. The map that would replace the Split map is the Pearl map that would drop down in July 2022. The newborn map is both defender and attacker centric and winning streaks will be a mind game, unlike Split, there is no special benefit for agents. According to Riot, 8 maps would be overwhelming while going from learner to mastered.

So, as a superior map to Split, Riot might have removed the map to keep the number of maps constant; which means the players might not have stayed on the ground because a better map is invading the game but that was not so. There was a mixed response from the Valorant gamers as many did not find it difficult in the defendercentric map but rather took it as a challenge, while many freshers into the Valorant world support removal of the map. The basic reason for the outburst was Riot did not choose the right map to be removed. There is a map named Fracture, which players say is a highly onesided map that needs to be modified rather than Split.

Do not worry gamers as this map is temporarily deleted/disabled from the Valorant server. Riot has hinted that the comeback of the map is certain after some modification, nevertheless patience levels up the excitement.

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