Raft- Temperance Island Guide, Laboratory 2 And Laser Puzzle Solution

RaftIn Raft the next island we arrive at would be Temperance after entering the code and navigating towards it with the help of the Receiver and Radar. As soon as we approach the ice island, we would be welcomed by the polar bear who is fairly easy to defeat as the Polar and the non-polar bear had the same attack pattern. In Temperance, there is much more to do and complete in order to successfully complete and go over to the next and final island of Utopia.

Temperance Island Guide For Raft

Arrive At Radio Station Tower

While exploring the island, you will come across the Tower or Radio Station Tower where Electrical cables can be collected. Nearby Radio Tower, there would be a garage-like structure where you can get your Snowmobile. Hop on to it and explore the island at full speed. Simply search and locate the Radio Station Towers until you have collected lots of Electrical Cable.

Observatory Tower

There would be a spot nearby the Radio Station Tower where fences would be covering the area, however, it is still accessible as we can walk over broken fences. When we approach towards the observatory tower, the ground will break revealing the underground passage to the laboratory.

Swim across and climb the ladder, do not forget to loot all the resources and on this island, you will also find the Vending Machine Token similar to what we have obtained in Tangaroa Island. Inside the Observatory Tower, make sure you have collected all 4 Picture Notes. Each picture note can be decoded via Star Constellation Images at the Observatory Tower to open up the locker or safe. Simply locate the image on the screen and count the number of stars in the constellation whose shapes match exactly with the picture notes. If you are stuck and do not know then we have the code for the locker displayed below.

  • Crane- 5
  • Puffer Fish- 9
  • Hook- 6
  • Raft with sail- 4

Apart from the loots, you will obtain a Selene Key which will be used later.

Locate The Town Or Dome

Temperance Island is not big, so after a while, you will eventually come across an area where the houses or domes are locked. The Electrical Cable which we have been gathering earlier will be used to connect the main power supply to each Dome. This will open up the door and allow you to explore and loot all the resources.

Make sure you have found the Blowtorch inside the same dome where Vending Machine was located.

Selene Research Facility

Once you have the Blowtorch, make your way toward the Research Facility. To locate all you need to do is go towards the huge infrastructure from where green-colored refracted light is emitted. Use Blowtorch and Selene Key which we have obtained if you are following the guide perfectly.

Control Rods


We need 3 Control Rod that is placed inside the radioactive areas. Equip the Hazmat Suit and enter “Laboratory 2”. Inside the room, you will need to enter the codes for the “Cl“. Cl is the symbol of Chlorine, so we have to enter the respected Atomic Numbers for the symbol that can be found on the wall if you do not remember. Well, the rest is easy for the first part. There are a total of 3 codes that need to be entered quickly before the timer runs out i.e.

  1. Cl- 17
  2. Pm- 61
  3. Rb- 37


Equip the second Hazmat Suit and enter the radioactive area where a bunch of mutated beetles will attack you. Eliminate them and rotate the wheel to proceed ahead and ultimately collect the second piece of Control Rod.


The laser course is the next puzzle that you need to solve. What you need to do is simply reflect the laser with the help of the mirrors and focus it on the door to unlock it. Well, it was easy isn’t it because it was a starter or a tutorial. Next inside “Laboratory 1“, we have the troublesome laser puzzle to solve.

Laser Puzzle Solution In Raft

Equip the Hazmat Suit and solve the laser puzzle found in the vicinity. Take a clear view of where all Rotating Mirrors are placed and where you have to focus the laser to the next door. Tip, focus on the 2 rotating mirrors to reflect them on the glass at your left. It will bounce on the other side of the room towards another glass and finally onto the third rotating mirror. Next thing you know, that you have solved the puzzle and collected all the Control Rods.

Reactor Room

After collecting the Reactor Key, enter into the warzone where a bunch of beetles will attack. Rotate all the wheels to clear out the harmful radioactive gas. Finally, once everything is over a new playable character will be unlocked i.e. “Shogo“. After collecting blueprints and whatnot, the next code for the final island will be registered in your Journal.

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