Raft How To Power Up Generator In Utopia & Detto Code Location


Utopia is the final island in the Raft and you will find a few puzzles that you need to solve in order to reach the final boss. As you reach the island you need to find a few electrical cables, fill up the water pump and find a code to the locked room. Below you will find a brief guide to a few of the puzzles and how to solve them.

Raft How To Power Up Generator In Utopia

To power up the generator you need to find electrical cables. One electrical cable can be found behind the house whose door has a Heath “+” sign in green. Another one can be found near the first electrical output on the roof where you hook the cable from the generator.

Similarly, you need to search for a few electrical cables spread across the island by stacking up boxes and climbing on the roof. Once you find enough cable, start dragging them from the generator and use hook them to the electrical outposts on the roof.

Raft How To Get Detto Code

One of the rooms will be locked on the island and you need Detto’s code to open it. Outside the house, you will find a note with a map. If you open your journal, you could see small red circles on the map of Utopia.

You need to take a shovel and dig the dirt in that area to find all three codes. Once you find all three codes, head over to the Detto room and use the code to get inside. Once you are inside you will obtain the big backpack blueprint. After researching it on the workbench, crafting and equipping it you will be able to increase your backpack slots and hold more items.

If you want to get a free backpack, head over to the Tangaroa island where you will find a lot of vending machine tokens. The vending machine will be in front of the main tower and needs 5x vending machine tokens to get the big backpack.

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