Raft How To Find The Crane Key In Varuna Point & Kill The Mega Shark


Once you have collected the note from the Tangaroa Island in the Raft you will get the coordinates for the Varuna Point. This point mostly consists of 2 abandoned tall building one of them has a huge crane on top of the building.

The objective of this point is to use the crane and drop the materials to create a hole on the other building’s roof to get the coordinates for the next island. But to get the crane key players to need to do a bit of exploration. Once you reach the top of the crane make sure to collect all the blueprints of the electric grill. After that, you need to jump down and go under the water.

Raft How To Find The Crane Key

Once you are inside the under you need to find a spotlight that will point you towards a broken wall. You need to go inside the wall, explore a bit and collect 4 spotlight parts. Once you have collected all the parts, come out from the broken wall and look below to find another spotlight that you need to fix with the parts.

Once you have fixed the second spotlight, it will point you toward a tunnel-like structure where you need to go and explore a bit. There you will find the motherlode key and the blueprint of the advanced headlight. To explore and exit the area you need to follow the “G” letter marked on the wall and while exiting this room you will notice a map drawn on the wall.

Now come out of the area and keep going further down to enter another room that you need to explore. At the end of the room, you will find a garage door with the letter G on it that gets broken by the mega shark. After that, you need to fight and kill the mega shark to obtain the crane key.

Raft How To Defeat The Mega Shark

To defeat the mega shark you need to first let him hit a pillar which will create a gap on it. Then you need to take the flammable barrel and place it on the pillar. Then again make the mega shark hit the pillar which will create an opening in the ceiling. Keep doing this 3 times and finally, you will be able to defeat the mega shark and loot its resources.

Once the shark is defeated you will find the crane key and the wind turbine blueprint. Then take the key to the top of the building to the crane and use it to create a hole in another building where you will find the coordinates to the next island. Check out our latest detailed post on how to defeat the Rhino Shark.

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