Chivalry 2- Beginner Tips

Chivalry 2After quite a commendable success from Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, Torn Banner Studios have yet again given their best to formulate and bring to the market, the Chivalry 2. This sequel has worked amazingly on varied prospects and areas of the game which we will highlight to you soon. But for newcomers, get ready to live up to medieval standards and soon add this game to your favorites list.

It’s an intense warfare game, featuring ruthless brutality and action-packed combat. If you want to get your hand on some best realistic simulations of the kingship ages where wooden weapons and swordplay overpower machinery sophistication and gunfire then this is it. So first-timers if you are ready for a robust hands-on combat experience but with the twist to complexities and intricate gameplay, congratulations for landing on the perfect spot. Because Chivalry 2 will definitely provide you with a lot more than that. But the game is no cakewalk since it’s the war of armies. So here we are to help you up with some best beginner tips to make your gaming experience with Chivalry 2 rather smooth and interesting.

Beginner Tips For Chivalry 2

Wide Vision = Better Fight

So gamers, it’s a really absurd little suggestion, but mark the words, this small setting is going to make all the difference. The game can be played with 1st person view or 3rd person view. No wonder it’s your choice, but for a strategic playoff, people the edge of playing the 3rd person view has its advantages. It’s simple, you see more you kill more you won more. Since the view gives you a wider field of view.

Practice For Perfection

Looking at the complexity level of the game, you definitely need to know about the combat techniques which range from dodging, fighting, blocking, and every in the middle. But the better part is, the game already offers you a training section where you can duel and get to know about the fighting tips and tricks.

Points Are Everything

A big percentage of damage gained on the war field doesn’t happen in duels but rather for back attacks on the Warfield. It definitely sounds sneaky but after all, it’s the highest pointer who wins. Coz these are free kills. All you go to do is find out a better position where you can hit right on the head, coz that that is a faster killing way in the game.

The Choice Of Weapon

Chivalry 2 gives you a wide range of 36 melee weapons to choose from to fight and kill. And invariably your best comfortable suit can be your strength. We really don’t have a proper stat of weaponry damage but it’s all about the proper position, your overhead defense, and hitting the right spot at the right time.

Parry And Counter

When you see yourself caught up in an edge, walled by multiple opponents attacking you. Remember the game provides you and your opponent both a half-second of retrieval action time where they hold off right after attacking. So when such a situation occurs, rather than just defending parry and counter your first attack, riposte it, and then keep repeating it. Coz being sided will only make you disarmed with multiple attacks and eventually lose.

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