Raft Tangaroa Crane Puzzle, Where To Go After & How To Reach Surface


Raft released on 23rd May 2018 is an epic open-world survival game that puts you on a raft in a vast sea with nothing but your hook to fish out some debris to help you survive. But be careful as you’ve been hunted by a hungry shark at all times, so you’re not just fighting for your hunger and hydration.

The first thing you need to do is collect as much debris as possible like timber, barrels, leaves, and plastic before reaching the first island as you can craft a lot of items and it usually takes a little bit of time before reaching the first island.

Raft Crane Puzzle

To complete this puzzle you must find the three generator parts in the previous underground areas. This will help you power up the crane and activate the control once you place them in the generator.

The first thing you need to know is that every single container that has a line of tape through it at the top is basically which sides are available to walk through on that puzzle piece so you have to keep in mind what connects to what.

The goal of the puzzle is to move the boxes in such a way that a pathway is created from where you enter the room to the doorway marked “surface access”. The boxes can only be moved to their adjacent place and not all the way.

First, you need to move the yellow container right near the exit to the exit, And now you have two places to move some stuff around. All you have to do is rotate the boxes in a circle until you remove the unwanted ones and make space for the secret room.

Note: There are various ways to align the containers. You can find the way inside the container through the yellow and black stickers on top of them.

Raft How To Reach Tangaroa Surface

After completing the puzzle and going through the doorway you’ll come into a room with the
water pipe blueprint and a surface access hatch. While opening the hatch, the water will start gushing in. Now you need to retrace your steps back to the crane puzzle room and find the sign leading to the plantation room.

There you will find a broken ladder that was previously inaccessible and can be climbed now due to the rise in water level. Use the elevator to reach the surface of Tangaroa.

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