Raft How To Recharge Battery, Craft Engine Control & Get The Blueprint

RaftThe raft would be one of a kind oceanic survival adventure game, which is best made with it simple storyline and intuitive missions to lead you on and survive till the last. Invariably the makers of raft did start it with a very interesting lineup where you wake up in the middle of a horizonless ocean floating on a plank of wood with just a hook as your defense and survival kit.

The makers have tried to make it enough hard as a survival game to survive through deserted towns, broken machinery, abandoned islands, and a hand full of swimming and dwelling animals to deal with. It has three chapters which are specifically the three locations that you play in. It’s an interesting open-world game and to everyone’s surprise, it’s online multiplayer as well.

So ladies and gentlemen of you are making yourself ready for an uninvited catastrophe ahead of you and you want yourself prepared, gel in yourself with the survival techniques of the raft, and change up your survival skills, we have come up with some simple guides for you from which you can peddle your way to finishing the game.

Raft How To Recharge The Battery

Batteries shall be part of your game when you have already reached the Caravan islands. Batteries are more profusely used for powering the sprinkler, receiver, and electronic purifier. And even it’s one of the components that can be used to craft the metal detector and headlight as well. So apparently you would definitely want a charging source for this important survival unit. And there you will have to use the battery charger to recharge the batteries. So the chargers take 185 seconds to charge 2 batteries at once.

How To Craft & Use Engine Control

Invariably once you are into the Caravan islands you definitely know how useful is the engine controls for you. Engine controls are a navigation unit of the game. And its two main features stand at powering up the engine as well as toggling direction. But it’s possible only after the blueprint is extracted from the Mayor’s office in the Caravan town. This can be crafted with scrap, titanium ingot, bolt, and circuit board.

Raft Where To Find Engine Control Blueprint

Blueprint can be the only possible way having which you can have a way to activate your engine control. But then you have to make sure that you extract it from the Mayor’s chest which is accessible only if you have the Mayor’s chest key. Check out HERE where to find the mayor’s chest key.

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