Raft How To Get Into Tangaroa Tower & Enter Building To Use Zipline


Raft got a full release recently with all the chapters and players are very excited to continue the story, explore the new islands, and craft new items. But to access the new chapters, players need to complete the Tangaroa Island. To complete the Tangaroa island you need to enter the Tangaroa tower.

If you have just reached the tower in the middle, it will be locked from the inside. If you look up, you will find a zipline from building number 6 goes to the tower. But the keycard to open the building door number 6 is broken and you need to find the elevator in the plantation area. Below you will find how to reach the plantation area, use the elevator to reach building number 6 roof and use the zipline to go inside the Tangaroa Tower.

Raft How To Reach The Plantation Elevator

To reach the plantation elevator, players need to trace back their steps to the area where there were electric waves on the floor. You will also get a banana tree and strawberry. There you need to fix the wires using duct tape. You need 9x duct tape to fix 3x wires, each wire needs 3x duct tape to get fixed.

By fixing each wire, other doors in the room will open and once you fix all the wires, the electric waves on the floor will stop and you can move freely. You will also unlock the door to the elevator. Use the elevator to go to the 8th floor.

Raft How To Reach The Tangaroa Tower

Once you reach the 8th floor, head over to the roof and use the zipline to enter the other building from the broken window. You can also notice a piano in the other building and you will also find a lot of vending machine coins. Use the stairs to climb up the floor and again you will find a broken window through which you can use the zipline that will take you to the Tangaroa Tower. There you need to use the ladder to reach the top of the tower and use the emergency launch code.

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