Raft- How To Complete Caravan Town

RaftCaravan Island in Raft is the next town after Balboa Island where you will find the house all clustered and broken. The island is spread over three pinnacles which are joined using zip lines giving quick access for easy traverse through the island and a tall tower with containers in the middle of it. You will all have to perform a specific set of tasks that will allow you to collect the Zipline parts and obtain the Blueprint. Once you have completed all the tasks on the Caravan Island, you can open your Journal and move to another island i.e. Tangaroa.

How To Complete Caravan Town At Raft

These are the set of tasks that you need to perform:

  • Finding three Battery Charger parts to make a Battery Charger
  • Finding three Zipline parts to make a Zipline Tool
  • Finding the key leading to the mayor’s chest
  • Acquiring blueprints for the Metal Detector
Finding 3 Battery Charger parts to make a Battery Charger

The first of the three shall be present ahead of the docks of the Caravan Town near the Port Office sign at “Bandar Kafilah. For the second you need to climb up to the top of the mountain and move up the blue trailer; that’s where the second one is. For the third, head over to the tallest tower containing a red flag over it, and the tower would be located at the center of the island; climb to the top of the tower and head to the nearest small cliff to find three more trailers in between which contain the Third part. Before creating the Battery charger, you need to first craft the Battery Charger Blueprint which can be made using the Workbench in the Mayors Office. After getting the blueprint, you can craft the Battery Charger. The crafting materials to craft a battery charger are 15x Plastic, 5x Scrap, 1x Circuit Board, and 4x Titanium Ingots.

Note: Check Here How To Find 3x Zipline Parts.

Finding the key leading to the Mayors Chest

Before searching for Mayors Chest key, first, you need the Infirmary key. The key is at the same place where you found the second zip line part in the blue container at the deepest part of the pipe which was connected to a bicycle. After getting the Infirmary key go to the hill on the island which has an Infirmary signboard on top of a trailer. Unlock the room where you will be able to collect the Mayors Chest key. Get back to the Mayors office (present in the middle of the Town) to unlock the Mayors Chest.

Acquiring Blueprints for the Metal Detector

The blueprint of the Metal Detector can be found where you have collected the second zip line part underneath the water. After acquiring the blueprint, you just need 12x Plastics, 6x Scraps, and 1 Simple Battery. A metal detector is used to search for valuable resources that are buried underneath the island such as Titanium Ore.

After completing all the tasks, you will notice that the Journal in Raft has been updated and direct you to a new island. Enter the new code in your Receiver and set sail towards Tangaroa Island. For more guides on Raft, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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