Raft- Balboa Island Relay Station & How To Cut The Vines

RaftIn Raft, one of the major islands which you will come across while exploring would be Balboa Island. On this island, the threats are high as you will encounter multiple bears throughout while searching for the way towards Relay Stations. On the way, there are Street signboards that will direct you towards major objectives i.e. activating the 3 Relay Station. In this guide, we have explained what you all need to do on the island and obtain a key weapon that will be used to advance ahead toward one of the Relay Stations.

Balboa Island Relay Station And How To Complete It At Raft

Once you have entered the wild island of Balboa, all you need to do is run straight in the direction where “Ranger Station” and “Relay Station 2” is located with the help of the street signboards. Even if you outrun the bear, they can hop and jump through the acid puddle resulting in relentless attacks. It is better to kill the bear and advance ahead. Exploring Ranger Station and activating Relay Station 2 is straightforward.

Since you are on the way towards “Relay Station 4” and “Relay Station 6“, they will diverge at a point where both of the paths might seem impossible to cross. Relay Station 4 is isolated due to the elevation of the bridge whereas, Relay Station 6 cannot be accessed as Green Vines are blocking your way. Well, there are simple solutions for that.

For Relay Station 4, all we need to do is either throw the Rock at the bridge control panel or shoot an arrow to the bridge control panel to lower it. Explore and collect all the necessary items before activating the second Relay Station.

For Relay Station 6, you will need to cut the vines and for that, you need a Machete. Where will you get one? Well, if you search around the island, you will find Wild Berries that can be collected. However, they are only registered in the Journal instead of your Inventory. Collect all 5 Berries and search for the Bear’s Den. There would be a warning sign for it near the den. Place 5 Berries in the basket which will attract the Big Bear, leaving its den exposed where Machete, Machete’s Blueprint, and other resources can be obtained.

Pick up the Machete and make your way towards “Relay Station 6”. At the Relay Station, a new character “Johnny” will be unlocked. After activating the final Relay Station, a new coordinate will be displayed that can be entered into the Receiver to mark the next island Caravan. For more guides on Raft, we have mentioned the link below the description:

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