Raft All New Juicer Smoothie Recipe, Trash Cube & Trade Coin Guide


The Raft game recently got a final release with various new recipes, items, and new islands to explore to complete the story. While there are various exotic foods that you can cook in this game to fill and extend your hunger meter. There were no special drinks to increase your thirst meter. In this new update, the devs have added the juicer using which you can make exotic drinks and quench your thirst while exploring islands. Below you will find a few new recipes and all about the trading post, trash cube and trade coins.

Raft All New Juicer Recipes

In the new update of the final chapter, juicer recipes were added where players can make juices and store them in their backpacks for additional water supply while exploring islands. Below you will find a few recipes for the juicer that you can find in the game.

  • Silver Smoothie: 1x Banana, 1x Mango, 1x Milk, 1x Blue Algae.
  • Mangonana: 1x Mango, 2x Banana, 1x Milk.
  • Red Melon: 1x Berry, 1x Strawberries, 1x Watermelon, 1x Coconut.
  • Beetroot Shotl: 2x Beetroot, 1x Coconut, 1x Tumeric.
  • Spicy Pineberry: 1x Pineapple, 2x Strawberries, 1x Chile.
  • Simple Smoothie: 1x Mango, 1x Pineapple, 2x Coconut.
  • Coconut Beat: 3x Coconut, 1x Beat.
  • Strawberry Colada: 1x Pineapple, 1x Strawberry, 2x Coconut.

Note: To make these recipes you need to get the blueprint and to obtain a blueprint you need to trade them in a trading post. Check out our previous post to know more about trading posts.

Raft How To Get Trash Cube

To get a trash cube in this game, players need to first build the item called Recycler and connect it with a battery. Then place resources like plastic, leaf, and any other material to start recycling. Once it is finished you will get the trash cube as the final product.

Raft How To Get Trade Coin

To get trade coins in this game, players need to make bait and catch the special fish as shown in the trading post. By exchanging these fish in the trading post you will obtain trade coin that is used to buy better items.

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