Omori How To Get & Solve Ghost Party Quest


Omori developed by Omocats in 2020 is a JRPG available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo 3DS. Games like Omori are a must-play, not based on their graphics but for their unique system, narrative, and willingness to think outside the box. Omori’s story is told in two ways:- reality with the name “sunny” when he is awake and a dream-like world called”Headspace” as “Omori” when sunny is asleep.

While in this dream the players assume the role of Omori who hangs out with his friends and goes adventuring with them. Sure they face some dark moments as they’re searching for a missing friend along with other mysteries that come with that but they’re happy for the most part and more importantly, they’re all together. The gameplay revolves around exploration and turn-based battles.

How To Get Ghost Party Quest

TOPHAT GHOST is a character and NPC in Omori who resides within DEEP WELL’S ghost party and the ghost party quest is one of the many side quests available while talking with him. This quest is about delivering six “spooky maps” to the lost ghosts found all around the HEADSPACE which is one of the two primary locations in Omori and can be visited while sleeping. To activate the ghost party quest you need to interact with the ghost pool guarded by Sharleen.

Location Of Ghosts

Glasses Ghost:- You can find him in Junkyard inside the conveyor belt puzzle.

Propellor Ghost:- Can be found at Pinwheel Forest by climbing up the ladder. You need to cut some roots blocking your war to access it.

Beard Ghost:- Can be found at the orange oasis which is the bottom right corner of the map.

Sunhat Ghost:- Can be found at the frozen lake right beside Mari’s picnic basket. You and your party will have to fight a venus flytrap blocking your path.

Mustache Ghost:- Can be found on the fourth floor of the Last resort right in front of the entrance of the construction zone.

Princess Ghost:- Can be found at sweetheart’s castle in the Royal Gallery.

Note: If you talk to the keeper of the castle and accept their offer before meeting with the PRINCESS GHOST and give her the map, they will vanish along with the castle, and your quest will remain incomplete. Interact with all the ghosts after getting the ghost party to obtain rewards and items from them.

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