TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge- How Many Enemies And Bosses Are There?

TMNT: Shredder's RevengeTMNT: Shredder’s Revenge is a beat-em-up classic retro-style game with a brawling system ranging from 1to 6 players who can join a single session whether Online or Offline. In a total story span, there are various classic enemies aka foot soldiers, and new enemies and bosses. In this post, we have covered all the enemies and bosses you will encounter and provided their respected images.

How Many Enemies And Bosses Are There In TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

There are mobs of enemies comprising Foot Soldiers and Robots who would try their best to stack your combo count up. These are the mobs that have been featured in TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge.

TMNTTMNTTMNT: Shredder's RevengePurple Foot Soldiers

TMNT: Shredder's RevengeFoot SoldierCyan Foot Soldiers



Deep BlueFoot Soldier Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeBlue Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeMaroon Foot Soldier



TMNTYellow Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeRed Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeGreen Foot Soldier



TMNTLight Green Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengePink Foot Soldier



TMNTViolet Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeWhite Foot Soldier



TMNTRed Foot Soldier



TMNTTeal Foot Soldier



TMNTBlack Foot Soldier



TMNTOrange Foot Soldier



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeTMNT: Shredder's RevengeTMNTBots



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeGolden Bots



BotsFlying Bots



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeFlying Golden Bots



BotsDog Bots



TMNTRobo Dog Bots



TMNTTMNT: Shredder's RevengeTriceratons



TMNTTMNT: Shredder's RevengeStone Warriors



TMNTSand Reptile




The Bosses for each level or chapter are mentioned below. Each level has 1 boss but as you progress ahead, you will encounter two bosses in a single level to disintegrate your HP.

Bebop (Level 1)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeRocksteady (Level 2)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeTurtle Tenderizer (Level 3)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeGroundchuck And Dirtbag (Level 4)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeRat King (Level 5)



TMNTTempestra (Level 6)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeBebop And Rocksteady (Level 7)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeWingnut (Level 8)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeLeatherhead (Level 9)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeMetalhead (Level 10)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeCaptain Zorax (Level 11)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeBaxter Stockman (Level 12)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeTMNTGeneral Traag/Chrome Dome (Level 13)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeSlash (Level 14)



TMNT: Shredder's RevengeTMNTKrang/Shredder (Level 15)



TMNTTMNTStatue Of Tyranny/Super Shredder (Level 16)



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