The Cycle: Frontier- Overseer Office Key & Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: FrontierThis time again gamers we are here with a guide for a new location and a new key card to unlock a new door in The Cycle: Frontier. Gamers this time we are going to head south of the map and invariably as we have used all other keys till now, a new card to make you explore a new place and get you all loaded up with a huge chest of ammunition and guns. Because the place we will be guiding you is an amazing one to retain all of these to your inventory, once you have the keys for the Overseer Key.

The Overseer Office Key And Which Door Does It Unlocks In The Cycle: Frontier

With the quest for the keys, The Cycle: Frontier becomes even more existing when these keys unlock new places. This time we are aiming for is “Nutrion Farms Processing“ at Crescent Falls, once you reach this place and if you are unlucky then, you will find it quite a bit infected with alien creatures who attack you with some acidic flame. However it is smart enough to show your agility, and make sure you carve your path safely dodging these creatures without firing as this may lead the unwanted attention and an unfamiliar incoming.

So once you enter the nutrion farms, you will need to reach up to the office on the first floor with a closed door and glowing switch to use the key and enter the room. And even it’s a good option to save you from the dwelling creatures who may have followed you up. The room opens up to an amazing treasure, filled with chests. You will receive a hefty amount of goodies and ammunition from this room. Make sure when you return , you look out for enemies.

For Other Keys, we have provided the link below:

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