The Quarry- Silas Should You Kill Him or Spare Him

The QuarrySilas in The Quarry Game is the white wolf, commonly known as the Dog Boy. He has bitten Caleb during the fire escape and since cursed the Hacketts to go out on hunting season during every Full Moon day. Here in chapter 10, the white werewolf (Silas Vorez) is being hunted down by Laura Kearney, Travis Hackett, and Ryan Erzahler inside the forest sleeping inside his nest. There remain two major options for Laura to either Kill Silas or Spare Him by shooting silver at him. So, without any further ado, lets get started with the scene.

Silas, Should You Kill Or Spare Him In The Quarry

Option 1: Spare Silas

When you will find Silas in his nest you should not shoot him. With fear, Travis would try snatching your gun, meanwhile, press the correct input to dodge. It would lend you another try to shoot the monster as well as shoot Travis. Again refrain from doing anything. At last, Silas will wake up from his slumber or pain and kill everyone who is around him and escape into the woods. The teens who are alive yet bitten will stay infected and survive.

Additionally, you will have an option to Kill Travis when you do not kill Silas in the first attempt. Travis will try to snatch your gun and instead of pressing the correct input, intentionally do not press any button. There will be a conflict between you and Travis, meanwhile, the trigger gets pulled and Travis gets shot. The creature then hops in front of you and if previous choices have altered the path then there are 3 different endings.

  1. Ryan is deceased, Laura is deceased, and Travis is deceased.
  2. Ryan is deceased, Laura lives, and Travis is deceased.
  3. Ryan lives, Laura is deceased, and Travis is deceased.
Option 2: Kill Silas

When you will find Silas in his nest you shall aim at the animal and kill him dead. That will give you the White Wolf award and lift the curse haunting Hackett’s family and other teens who got bitten and cure the infected.

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