The Cycle Frontier Veltecite Location & How To Get Them

The Cycle: Frontier

Indeed The cycle frontier has come up with quite a realistic gameplay, and a perfect simulation if ever you are on an alien planet and on a mission. But a real shoutout to the developers who have given their best of their creativity to make the elements of the game, the locations, and their terminologies special is where they have killed it all. Gamers today we on a unique guide for one such small element called the “Veltecite”.

As you land upon the plant in Fortuna III, you will come across amazing new things to discover on the planet’s surface. And some are off your good use. Through the plethora of new elements of the plant, let’s talk about this blue beauty once.

The Cycle Frontier Veltecite location

Veltecite is nothing more but some kind of crystalline ore that’s normally stashed inside rocks. Veltecite nodes are pretty common with moderate rarity. You can normally find them, at the bottom of the map in the swaps, or waterfalls, and definitely in the northeast lab.

The best part is you don’t have to deal with this beautiful blue ore by mining or digging deep with a dedicated mission for acquiring it. You can easily have it with just the help of a pickaxe in your bag.

Along the waterfall banks, you can see a lot of rocks. This really gives players a hard time finding the ore, since it’s inside the rock. But hey, we are here to help you out

The Cycle Frontier Getting Veltecite Ore

Look out for rocks with unusual purple-blue spots, and that’s your lottery! Select your pick-ax and start hitting it to scrape out and destroy the rock and have the Veltecite ore. But the hats off to the developers who have worked on the fine lines of intricacies of the game where they have also kept different varieties of Veltecites. They can be flawed, pure, and more as well. Hope you will now enjoy finding out the other varieties scattered all over.

The veltecites are differentiated by their rarity and the purest one is the pure veltecite which has a very less chance of obtaining. All these veltecites can be farmed from the same mineral while obtaining these ores differs by rarity. You can sell the pure veltecites, trade them, or craft items using them.

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