The Cycle: Frontier- Optic Glass High Possible Spawn Locations

The Cycle: FrontierThe Cycle: Frontier released on June 8th, 2022 is a PvPvE shooter game that excels in the coexistence of both PvP and PvE. It gives the players a cross-genre experience and is already making its name. It’s about exploration, completing Quests, killing alien monsters, and fighting with enemy players, and prosecutors. There are three factions through which one can go around questing i.e. ICA, Korolev, OSIRIS.

Each faction has its own sets of quests and players need to choose which one they want to go for it. It gives the players a diverse experience in playing shooter games.

One of the key features of the games is that you lose the items you currently hold while deployed and die. But you can prevent that with insurance each time before deployment, so the players need to be cautious about it each time before they jump into a map. This makes things quite tiring but fun nonetheless.

Optic Glass Spawn Locations At The Cycle: Frontier

Optic glass is fairly rare even though it’s a green item. The players need optic glass for a lot of quests, especially for Corelev and Osiris, or even used as an ingredient for the crafting. One of the possible locations to get Optic Glass includes a lab area and “Waterfalls Lab” should be the first option. There is a high concentration of optic glasses that spawn there but so is the number of players so getting into PVP fights is quite common and risky. Search desks or ground as there is a high chance that in a hurry players tend to miss resources here and there.

Other locations in Bright Sands would be “Rock Pools“, and “Vaccine Labs“. It is not necessary that Optic Glass will not spawn in other areas, like any other place that has a lab has a fair chance of spawning Optic Glass. However, among other areas, it was found to be better to look at these areas in Bright Sands if you are specifically searching for Optic Glass. On Crescent Falls, wait no more and start searching in “Pinnacle Labs“.

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