The Cycle Frontier Loose House Key & Which Door To Unlock

The Cycle: FrontierIn The Cycle Frontier, you can find various types of keys, which are somewhat rare to find but interesting to explore as well. Gamers yet again with another key scavenging guide for you all, where we will not torch your way through the key location but also we will give you cutting-edge pro tips to survive your way back to Fortuna III.

We understand it has been quite a heed to find all the keys when there are two different maps and intricate realistic detailing of the game has been done. But then with all the adventures and missions to accomplish some quests are worth the take to explore the map around. So this time we will be spotlighting the Loose house keys, which is a key definitely for a door. But the better part is what does that door unlocks.

The Cycle Frontier Where To Find Loose House Key?

Keys play a crucial role in the game. Along with the survival stats and commodities, keys are important as well. But let us make it easy, you guys don’t have to scavenge all around for the keys as, throughout the game, there is a sweet spot where you can find them. And the sweet spots can be jackets, safe boxes, or desks. These three containers are all that you have to look out for while you are searching for keys.

Pro tip: Star port admin is the best place to look for since the place has 13 jackets in total !!!

The Cyle Frontier Loose House Key Door Location

The loose house key can be found as a loot along with other loot commodities. This key unlocks a small junkie point on the map, called the Favela. As the name goes it looks like a rouge hi tech deserted house on a higher platform. To the right of the house, you will find the yellow stairs to climb up and open the door with the loose house key. Basically, you will find two crates one with weapons and the other loaded with ammunition.

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