The Cycle Frontier Lab keycard Location & Which Door To Unlock

The Cycle: FrontierThe Cycle Frontier released in 2022 and developed by Yager is a PvPvE first-person extraction shooter which deals with killing aliens and other prosecutors on an abandoned island while collecting resources.

It is a cross-genre shooter game that introduces the players to the planet “Fortuna 3” where players need to visit to complete various contracts and collect resources.

Location Of Lab Key Card

The lab key card can be found on crescent falls. It’s located in the garage office around the center of the map. You can also find these keys in jackets and containers. Below you will find which door to unlock using the lab key card.

Where To Use Lab Key Card The Cycle Frontier

Go to the pinnacle lab which is located in the top right i.e. northeast of the map. This area is extremely dangerous so the players need to watch out for monsters. You have to clear out a bunch of alpha striders and alpha rattlers in order to even get to where you need to use the key card.

The PvP here is extreme as well. Lots of other players come here to get the purple flowers that are underneath the lab. You get high-tier gun spawns and high-value loot in this lab.

This area is great for optic lenses as well so if you might want one they’re in abundance. You can use the keycard on the door in the middle of the lab with a purple key symbol beside the door. You get good loot inside the lab but it won’t be high value the good news is you can use the key 18 times so it’s a steady source of loot for quite a bit.

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