The Cycle: Frontier- Garage Office Key & Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: FrontierIn The Cycle: Frontier, the keys unlock specific doors or rooms from where either some valuable resources can be looted or for completing missions. The keys unlock rooms, houses, mines, etc. Each key can be used several numbers of times until its durability is exhausted. It hardly takes one safe pocket and can be retrieved after death, yet to our surprise, these keys weigh 1 kilo and their duplicates are sold in exchange for 1000 credits per key.

Speaking of a specific key and in this post, The office located inside the garage will be opened only by using Garage Office Key in the Crescent Falls which is a no-brainer. However, where is this garage we are talking about. In order to get many valuable weapons, we have compiled this guide for you to locate and use the key to its fullest.

Locating Garage Office Key

Keys in Cycle Frontier can be found in scatters (no specific locations). They are spawned at random and most likely in Jackets and Safes (Port Admin is the best place to search for as it has 13 jackets all total). This key is for the Crescent Falls map to unlock Garage Office.

Garage Office Key And Where To Use It In The Cycle: Frontier

The Garage office is present in the “Green’s Prospect on the Crescent Falls map. Dodge the monsters and enemies in order to keep moving forward. Locate the garage where Monster Truck or huge vehicles would be parked or placed inside a premise. Climb up the staircase onto the first floor and search for the loots. Inside the garage, there are multiple rooms and one of them has a blue key icon that uses the Garage Office Key to unlock.

Inside the darkroom will be an arch behind which there will be a safe; check that for valuable stuff. Addition to this there will be three cupboards in the left corner of the room among which is one of the three might contain rifles, guns, or gears. This room is the only room with handful resources while others have mainly gimcrack stuff which might include keycards or ammo-containing boxes.

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