The Cycle: Frontier- Boss Office Key & Which Door Does It Unlocks

The Cycle: Frontier

The Cycle Frontier released in 2022 and developed by Yager is a PvPvE first-person extraction shooter which deals with killing aliens and other prosecutors on an abandoned island while collecting resources.

It is a cross-genre shooter game that introduces the players to the planet “Fortuna 3” where mysterious and creepy creatures reside. They run free in the wild and with abandoned research facilities. The players who have entered as prosecutors will have to collect loot and resources while fighting these monsters as well as other prosecutors who have entered the area. You can enter to farm either solo or with a team of three players.

The key feature of this game is that you’ll lose any equipment you set out with once you die unless you’re insured so be careful with what you keep in your inventory. Getting greedy is not an option and that will be punished heavily.

Boss Office Key & Which Door Does It Unlocks In The Cycle: Frontier

You can use the Boss office key on the “Starport Admin’s” third floor which is the top middle of the  Crescent Fall map. All you need to do is walk right into the front door and all you need to do is take a right and it’s straight in front of you. You just interact with the lock to swipe your card and get in.  There’s quite a lot of loot inside the room but the area is super contested so you have to be careful about it.

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