The Cycle Frontier Bar Storage key & Which Door It Unlocks

The Cycle: FrontierIn The Cycle Frontier Bar Storage key is used to unlock the Bar Storage present in the Green’s Prospect area in the Crescent Falls of the Fortuna III map. Basically, the game is infamous for its peculiar gameplay of using keys in many different areas such as mines, offices, houses, etc. for collecting valuable resources, weapons, and gears for the upgrade. These keys hardly take one safe pocket and can be retrieved after death, yet to our surprise, these weigh 1 kilo and their duplicates are sold in exchange for 1000 credits per key. So, without any further ad, let’s get started:

The Cycle Frontier Locating Bar Storage Key

This key falls under the epic rarity yet it respawns randomly inside jackets and safes. Port Admin is the best place to search for it as the place has 13 jackets all total. This key is used to unlock Bar Storage in the Crescent falls.

The Cycle Frontier Bar Storage Location

bar storage key

The entity is just a small room that lies beside the street from the garage in Green’s Prospect area in the Crescent Falls of the Fortuna III map. It has a big “BAR” sign written on its head and can be accessed using the Bar storage key.

Always keep in mind that all keyed places have some valuable loot and after accessing the place make sure to close the door behind to enlighten you when a monster or an enemy approaches your vicinity.

Once you have reached inside the dark room there will be several briefcases and crates scattered around the room. Make sure to check each and every place for loot because there might be a chance of getting other keys. This key is best to sell as it has an epic rarity. Do not just stay there, approach other nearby places around the house for crates and briefcases.

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